Our Team

We are a high school VEX team from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada based out of North Island Distance Education School (NIDES). Bringing students together from across many different schools within our communities, we compete together as friends to strive for greater achievements and to assist new members in their understanding of STEM and STEAM. Our members contribute their vast diversity of skills in areas such as scouting, programming, CAD, strategy development, design documentation, and building techniques. We believe that our team is only as strong as its weakest members; therefore we work together to share knowledge and ideas among our teams.

The distance between our teams in Comox and Nanaimo is 114 kilometers. We often communicate via Zoom to share ideas and collaborate.

Our Values

Compete as a Team

Competing as a team means assisting others with repairs and programming if necessary, as well as sharing scouting information gathered on other teams to make the most informed decisions. We encourage one another throughout a competition.


Have a functioning Robot

Keeping time in mind is extremely important to a team’s success at a competition. Many hours of design, building, programming, and driving go into each of our teams’ robots; however, it’s important that each area receives attention before a competition to ensure the robot works properly. Time management is a skill we continue to improve.


Come back as Friends

Regardless of who wins or loses, it’s of utmost importance that we come back from competitions as friends. We do this by congratulating each other on our accomplishments, and by helping improve one another’s performance in areas that need strengthening.

Our Mentors


Steward Savard

7842 Coach

Stewart joined NIDES/Navigate nine years ago as an elibrarian and course teacher. He was asked to help out with several VEX tournaments as a ref and quickly caught the bug. He, and John Gair, started our first VEX team seven years ago. They both took teams to Skills Canada events.

Stew is passionate about promoting VEX as a way for all of the distant education students at NIDES, with whatever challenges they may face, to learn the STEM skills promoted by VEX and other robot programs.


John Gair

Nanaimo 7842 Coach

John was the co-sponsor of the first NIDES/Navigate VEX team. Working most of the week in Qualicum and Nanaimo, he wanted to promote VEX Robotics in those communities. Team 7842D, from Qualicum, was our first team to earn a spot at Worlds.

Over the last few years John has created a state of the art STEAM program in Nanaimo. This year his teams are mostly comprised of Middle School aged students. He hopes to take teams to different Skills Canada events this year and has students exploring underwater ROVs.

Me - From ENTER Video

Roger Vernon

ENTER 2 Teacher and Founder

Roger started the ENTER (eAcademy of New Technologies Engineering and Robotics) for grade 6-8 students six years ago. This STEAM-based program has served as a model for other middle school and high school blended learing programs.

Over the last few years Roger has moved up to focus on grade 8 and 9 students. He has served as their mentor as they transition into the VEX team. Roger and his students introduced VEX IQ to the district and regularly participate in Skills Canada Events.


Thanks to all our Sponsors!

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