A Team

7842A is our oldest team. It has been in operation since Sack Attack in 2012-13 and was headed by alumni Amanda B who served as our senior team captain until she graduated in 2015. The team has competed in 23 events and earned three awards. This year’s team is all new to NIDES and has a mix of grade 10 and 8 students. We all look forward to watching them learn and advance.

7842A Team Photo

B Team

7842B started out slow in Sack Attack but managed to rank 6th at their final competition of the year, and made it to semi-finals. They also dabbled in Skills Canada competitions that year, achieving a bronze medal at the provincial competition.

In the Zone was B team’s most successful year. They were finalists at their first competition of the year, qualifying them for the Provincial Championship. They carried on to win their local competition, achieving top 60 in the world in skills, and winning two Judges Choice Awards. Their skills score qualified them for the World Championship, a first for 7842B and the first time NIDES had qualified two teams in one year for Worlds.

This year, they have the same team members as last year and have goals aimed as high as last year. Due to their skills score, they have already won themselves a spot at Provincials coming out of their first competition this year.

C Team

After VEX became quite popular at NIDES, 7842C was created in 2015 and experienced quick success, making it to playoffs in our Provincial Championship two years consecutively.

This year, 7842C is composed of Grade 9 students mostly new to robotics, but that doesn’t stop them from showcasing their innovative thinking and unique design approaches.

7842C Team Image

D Team

7842D was started back in 2014 during VEX Skyrise. The team was very successful, progressing through provincials and making it to Worlds in Anaheim, where they made it to semi-finals. In 2016-2017 during VEX’s Starstruck, 7842D once again advanced through Provincials and earned a spot at Worlds. Performing quite well, they ended up 23 in its division but did not make the playoffs.

Throughout the years, 7842D has always been a top contender coming out of 7842, always advancing to Provincials. Under alumni team captains Mitchell G., Alex B., and Samuel C. 19 awards have been won by the team.

As a result of students graduating and moving away, 7842D has been restarted as a Middle School team with three grade eight students this year.

F Team

Starting back in Skyrise, 7842F reached the BC Provincials and has continued to do so each year following. During this time, the team has competed in 28 events and received 13 awards. Last year, 7842F earned a place at Worlds where they made the playoffs and won the Engineering Division’s Build Award.

7842F has also spent a lot of time in the VEX community helping other teams from around the world. From programming assistance to help with CAD modeling, they’ve built many, strong working relationships with other teams internationally. This year both team members have come back and they have already earned a place at Provincials.

H Team

7842H was also created during the Skyrise season. It has competed in 19 events and earned three awards since then. 7842H has earned a spot in two Provincial Championships. 7842 teams earned seven Provincials spots in the Skyrise season.
This year the all new members are in Grade 9 and are new to VEX EDR and programming.

7842H Team Image

K Team

Starting for the Starstruck season, 7842K has begun its third season. During this time the team has been to 16 competitions and earned two awards. Last year the team earned a spot at Provincials based on their skills scores. This year the three members are in grades 12, 11 and 9 and continue to impress with their interesting tactics and ideas.

M Team

7842M has traveled the most out of our 12 teams. It started in Nanaimo, then traveled to Powell River (a one-hour ferry trip from Vancouver Island), and has now been reborn in the Comox Valley. This team has operated for three years. Its achievements have not yet been fully recognized. This year’s team members are all in Grade 8.

E Team

7842E was started for the Skyrise season and has competed in 22 events over the years, leading our teams in Nanaimo. It has advanced to Provincials several times.

They’ve also dabbled with some non-competitive builds including an Agricultural robot and a personal presence robot that can use an iPad and Zoom to help connect people in different locations.

7842E Team Photo 2

G Team

Starting during Skyrise, 7842G has operated out of Nanaimo ever since. It has competed in 20 events and earned two awards. In their first year, the team earned a place in Provincials. Members of the team took a lead role in learning and teaching RobotC to their teammates.
This year, 7842G is operating as a blended team this year with members in several different grades.

7842G Team Photo 2

J Team

This team began competing during the Nothing But Net season in 2015-16. It has operated out of the NIDES Nanaimo Campus. Since their beginning, they’ve made it to the Provincial Championship in Starstruck and competed in 11 events, earning two awards.
The members this year are new to VEX and the Mid-Island Championship will be their first event.

N Team

7842N is a brand new team this year, based in Nanaimo. The Turning Point BC Mid-Island Qualifier will be their first ever event. The team members are middle-school aged and full of potential.