Over the last couple months, we have been preparing Vex V5 programming tutorials for the VEX Community. These tutorials cover many topics useful for VEX teams, for learning, guidance, and reference.

These tutorials aim to bring the bar of programming expertise up by explaining some of the things overlooked by some of the official documentations. They also aim to teach programming concepts and good programming practice.

Many new programmers get intimidated when a whole new language gets thrown at them, especially when the documentation assumes the programmer already knows many things related to the language. The goal of these tutorials is to explain the fundamentals so that new programmers are better suited to dive into the documentation of these languages.


These are tutorials for new programmers to find information on how to get started with V5 and choose a programming language.

Introduction to V5

V5 is the new electrical system for VEX that was introduced this year. It features better motors, a better brain with a screen and many other improvements. Here we talk about the V5 and its features. We will also talk about some drawbacks and things to watch out for.

Programming Softwares

The goal of this document is to provide insight to new programmers as to which programming software is best suited for them. Here we compare VCS, PROS, and RMS

V5 Updates​

Here we talk about various ways to update the V5 Brain and peripherals.


These tutorials walk programmers through common processes related to programming the V5 and using PROS. After reading through these a programmer should be able to have a largely working competition program.

PROS Setup

Here we will walk through installing and setting up PROS on a Windows computer. We also provide some tips on how to optimize your PROS installation.

Introduction to PROS

Here we explain how to setup a PROS project and make a working driving V5 robot. We will cover how to set up a project, use the compiler, and make externs to share objects between multiple files.

Introduction to GitHub

Git and GitHub are two tools that greatly increase productivity and code management. They allow you to save your code in incremental versions, and collaborate on it. Here we will walk through setting up a Git repository with a PROS project.


These tutorials cover various topics related to robotics. These are not specific to any programming language, but instead represent concepts such as control systems.

PID Tutorial

PID is a very useful tool for VEX. It allows the robot to maintain a motor at a position, drive a distance, or turn an angle. In this tutorial we will cover the different elements of PID.