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V5 Updates

The V5 receives regular updates from VEX for new features and bugfixes. The update process is quite elegant. First, VEXos can be updated using one of the few update tools. Then, VEXos will automatically update all the V5’s peripherals if necessary. This allows for rapid distribution of new updates to all the devices including batteries and motors.

Update Tools

There are multiple ways of updating the V5 brain.

  • Method 1 – VCS
  • Method 2 – RobotMesh
  • Method 3 – Standalone Utility

The best way to update is using the Standalone Utility, as it is easily accessible and does not require the use of VCS or RobotMesh. It also allows you to troubleshoot and force install a new firmware.


To update using VCS, just plug in the V5 using a USB cable. VCS should automatically prompt you that an update is needed.


To update using RobotMesh, just open a new project and connect to the V5. It should prompt you for an update.

Standalone Utility

The Standalone Utility is available here. It allows you to update the V5 in the normal way, but also has some extra features. Notably, if you press Shift-V then click on the V5 logo, some extra features show up.

This lets you force update the firmware, and on newer versions let you test the integrity of the V5 Battery.

VEXos Updates

To find out more about the latest updates, go to


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